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This gives details about the competition.

The Surrey County Small Bore Rifle Association Air Rifle, Air Pistol and Sporter Air Meeting Incorporating the Surrey Confined Championships will be held over the weekend of 24th & 25th November 2018 at the Lord Robers Centre, Bisley.
This is a R & P ‘Nominated Meeting’ for ESSU and British Shooting selection purposes.

Surrey residents (Male and Female) who achieve the highest score in their first Final, (if shooting more than one), will become the “Surrey Air Rifle Champions” and “Surrey Air Pistol Champions” of 2017. If there are no Surrey residents in the relevant Final, first Qualifying relay scores will apply. On the same basis, Competitors who achieve the highest score in the above Finals will be the “Open” Rifle and Pistol Champions.


Finals for Pistol and Rifle will be held on Saturday at approximately 4:00pm and 5:15pm respectively. Men and Women Finals will take place simultaneously. You may choose to shoot in either or both relays, but if shooting both the score achieved in your first relay will qualify for the Final. There will also be Rifle and Pistol Finals for the events held on Sunday. A £10:00 discount will apply if shooting in all three relays.


ISSF Rules

All competitions except Sporter Rifle will be conducted in accordance with current ISSF Rules, including voluntary Equipment Control and Dress Code. Equipment Control will be available for checking if anyone has doubts about the legality of their equipment.


Mixed Gender Team Demonstration

We intend to demonstrate the newly proposed Mixed Gender Rifle Team Final on Sunday afternoon. Time does not allow a qualification stage nor a Mixed Gender Pistol Team Final, although the format is the same for each discipline. We are asking for volunteers to participate. There will be no entry fee. We need eight pairs, (16 athletes) to make this work. Volunteers will be competitively paired. Please tick the box on the entry-form to volunteer. Selection will result in a commitment to participate.



Medals will be awarded to 1 st, 2nd and 3rd in all competitions (or proportionate to entries), and to the highest scoring Junior in each discipline, (Rifle and Pistol).


Data protection notice

Information provided on the entry form will be entered onto a personal computer for administration of results and notification of future events. Results will be displayed at, and elsewhere. Individuals on the results lists will be identified by name only. It is a condition of entry that names and results will be publicly displayed.


Entry Fees

May be paid by cheque or via your bank (Faster Payments system). Bank transfers must reference your name and allocated competitor number. All cheques must be made payable to: Surrey Country Small Bore Rifle Association and sent with a completed entry form to: Mrs A J Millar, Arpinge Court, Arpinge, Folkstone, Kent, CT18 8AQ

Telephone: 07842 426751


This has been a very popular meeting in the past, so return your entry early to ensure acceptance.

The entry form is here as pdf or here as Word docEntries, with fee cheque and SAE or email address to Mrs AJ Millar as detailed on the form by 15th November 2018.
Competition Information is here.
Competition Schedule is here.
For more details or queries, please use the enquiry form and it will be passed to the organiser.