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Updated: 1st August 2021

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It has taken some time, but we are finally up and running.

This journey began some four years ago now and it has been an eventful one to say the least. Many trials and tribulations have conspired to deflect me from my ultimate goal of getting LSR on the map with its own Roving Trophy. Just to get two teams of five together in one place over the past six months has in itself been an interesting affair with dates being set and then reset for one reason or another.

I would like to extend my thanks to those in County who facilitated this event, be it in a major or even a minor role. I too, would like to say thank you to Peter Vigar, of Bookham Rifle Club, who has had a multitude of various communications with me in order that we should achieved the end goal. Special thanks go to the competitors who, I hope, enjoyed the day as much as I did. These are:

Bookham RC

Peter Vigar, David Sprigg, Simon Stockman, Nikki Campana-Etheridge and Jeanette Leivers.

Caterham and District RC

Colin Campbell-Salmon, Nigel Milner, Norman Skinner, Anthony Thewless and Therese Hughes.

The day itself was fraught with problems, two of Caterham’s members were unable to make the day and also one from Bookham. This, however was overcome through ingenuity and lateral thinking and the event went ahead as if planned this way.

The challengers chose to use the “Name Your Own Start” competition and shooting took place under a VERY relaxed atmosphere. It is the first time in my shooting career that I have hear loud laughter between teams, emanating from the club house whilst changing cards between details. The idea of having one event now and again where there is a trophy to shoot for but absolutely no pressure to “win at all cost” was a very refreshing thing to witness.

I have asked Bookham to continue in this spirit with whoever it is who challenges them next, in the hope that this fun event will bring together the best in the shooting family we all belong to. There is time enough for serious shooting and this will not detract from that.

Caterham L to R: Colin Campbell-Salmon, Norman Skinner, Therese Hughes, Nigel Milner, Anthony Thewless

Needless to say, the planned strategy of the challengers having the upper hand, worked its magic. Caterham and District R.C. were soundly beaten by Bookham R.C. and as such, they are now the ones to be challenged by any of the Affiliated County Clubs out there. This is your opportunity for social interaction, possibly at a NEW venue, with the bonus of a bit of relaxed shooting thrown in for good measure.

If you have any doubts about what to expect, then I suggest you contact Peter Vigar at Bookham R.C. and let him fill you in with the enjoyable day you can come to expect with this new LSR event. Please give this your fullest support.

Bookham L to R: David Sprigg, Nikki Campana-Etheridge, Peter Vigar, Jeanette Leivers, Simon Stockman.

Lightweight Sport Rifle is now open for business with regard to the Roving Trophy competition.